During a special homeless children in Portland radio interview conducted on community radio KBOO, the youths were asked what their greatest need was. All present unanimously agreed that socks were their biggest challenge. They explained that living on the street puts an extraordinary strain on socks and that they wear out frequently. They also mentioned difficulties keeping dry socks in the rainy Pacific Northwest weather.

It was this call to help that was heard by the founder of this organization. And now the call is being sounded for all who share in the desire to help, aid, and assist these troubled youths.

Our Needs

We need all manner of support to make this program into a viable solution for the orphans living on the streets of Portland, Oregon. If you are likewise inspired to contribute to our efforts we would very much appreciate your assistance. We need: Grant writers, Corporate Sponsors, Fundraisers, Community services network coordinators, sales, management, legal assistance, and much more. Please consider contacting us to discuss how you might help. The homeless children of Portland and the Pacific Northwest will certainly thank you.

Our Vision

It is our sincere hope and dream that this program becomes successful in Portland. Once established we hope to expand the project to other cities such as Seattle, Vancouver, Salem, Eugene, and all points south to San Francisco. We are flexible, so if you are willing to contribute substantial resources to get things started immediately in another city please communicate your desire. We have to start somewhere, and the need is not limited to Portland.

It is our desire that we attract our local Pacific Northwest textile manufactures to help us develop a sock that is optimal for the task at hand. With quality socks designed for the purpose, replacement and disposal requirements would likely be diminished.

However, this is a long-term desire, and we want to help our kids out now. So we will begin by collecting only new socks for distribution to key homeless youth support systems in the Portland area. Whether with specially designed socks or run of the mill athletic socks, we want our homeless youths to feel a sense of pride when they are wearing Street Socks!


Coming soon!

Thank you for your interest in Street Socks!